Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First photo shoot of close-ups

Last Monday while up in Vancouver, I had my new camera with me and decided to visit Officer's Row . It was about 7 pm in the evening and  the weather was perfect.  I strolled around on the grounds, walking around for maybe an hour, taking pictures.  It was almost therapeutic.  I originally intended to photograph the historic homes, but the flowers on the grounds were so pretty I decided to do close-ups instead.  I have included the link below which will take you to the Album where I have them uploaded onto my Google + please feel free to check them out, in fact I insist!

Before I get ahead of myself just prior to that  I made a stop at  The Waterfront Where I grabbed a few shots of the I-5 bridge over the Columbia.  I quickly took these and moved on.  My subject that evening was not the bridge and I was excited to get to my final destination and start shooting photos!

Below is the link, I uploaded every shot I took.  The first half of the batch will look funny.  Blurry on the edges.  I accidentally had the camera in "miniature effect" thinking it was a different setting.  (This camera has so many options I love it.  And to bring you up to speed if you are not aware I recently purchased a Nikon D5200 DSLR).  After years away from photography it has called me back and this is my first DSLR.  Miniature effect, in case your wondering, is used to make far away subjects look like miniatures.  A good example would be taking a shot of a city from afar, the results would be that it looks like one of miniature model cites.

I have lots to learn with this new camera, and that's half of the adventure. I am looking forward to posting lots of pictures, and as I mentioned I am currently uploading every shot.  That way in a few months I can look back a see how my skill has progressed :)

First time close-up shots with the new Nikon D5200