Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Night

(click play below and listen to some music while reading)...

....Well my little exercise in using the Google app "My Tracks" on my phone and then posting to my blog may not have worked.  I will keep working on it.  The idea is to have my phone record my geo location as I drive home (or in this case it was from work to the grocery store).  All that worked ok and I have the data on my phone, also loaded up to Google Docs as both a GPX and KML file.  It plots beautifully on Google Earth too.  Shows how long my drive took.  How fast- MPH, my average speed, the amount of time I was at a stop, elevation change.  A bunch of different data,  It's not just for driving, its for anything where you want to record your "tracks".  What I am looking forward to is this summer when I start up my hikes again.  I will be able to record all sorts of data and plot it on Google maps, showing all of my summer and fall hikes. Don't think too much of it, its not like I hike all the time, but yea a couple of times a month I set out ino the woods with some friends for a nice day out in the forests that surround where I live.

Yes, I got some more poking around to do with how to use these abilities.  Like I mentioned somewhere else, I can't remember but I know it was something public like Facebook, heck maybe it was even on here, I am amazed with everything Google has to offer.

It comes at a price though.  If you don't really understand and keep track of everything and how it works when it comes to this new era of smartphones, Ipads, apps, blogs, facebooks, etc its so easy to give out much more information then you may want.  Which leads me to ask maybe you can see or tell the site I surfed just before I started tonights blog entry??!!  All I have to say is ITS NORMAL, you do it too!  LOL.  Yea I have a thing for guys in speedos.  Shall we save that for another entry.  Yes I say.

Anyhow its like 10pm now on Wednesday night, my hump day is over.  2 more work days and the weekend!!  Can't say that it needs to hurry up though, I am really enjoying my new job at Comcast.  I have been with Comcast for about 11 years now I think- and I cant say enough good things!

Time for a quick dinner which is frozen pizza tonight, watch last nights episode of Deadliest Catch off the DVR, do some reading, feed my fish (iPad app) and hit the bed.  Well not hit the bed exactly, but lay in it gently and cover up with all my blankets wishing for a few minutes that I had someone else to share my bed with again.  After all it would be so much warmer.  Soon. I think I am ready to be in a relationship again.

Google wants to buy Pandora, or maybe they already did?  Isn't that kickass or what?!!

My song tonight: (off my top 25 played from iTunes)