Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Sunday. I posted the song that goes along with the post at the top, like right below "PLAY THIS!". So Click play this and read. You can't read unless you press play. And Hell no, you can't have the speakers turned down. That's Cheating!


Well hello there! Is it still Sunday May 1st 2011 for you? Ya know like now today the same day as I blog this. I think its all coming together. What a SHIT year 2010 was. Sorry, sometimes you just have to use what Spongebob calls the "Sentence Enhancers" . Well I cant find a better word to enhance anything about 2010 then the plain old 4 letter word that starts with an S. SHIT SHIT SHIT. But it is over. I came through it in pretty darn good shape, but yea I was scared there for a bit. I mean more than once the tears came out with a sentence enhanced "what the fucking hell why me?" Well, and let me speak from the heart on this, OWN IT. When you screw up, OWN IT. I guess where its really tough for me when I own it, I allow myslef to beat myself up about it. Haha that last sentence reads like something Austin Powers would say..."Allow myself to introduce myself." LOL. I love Austin Powers.

So I am still figuring out this blogging thing. This might be yet another post where I am all over the place with my topics. Hang in there there I'm getting it. It will clean up soon. But!.... There is one main reason I am doing this. To write. To write what I am feeling, doing, thinking right at that/this time. So what's playing on the itunes right now? Foo Fighters. The Best of You. Yea love it.

So back to the first the paragraph. Yea I am coming out of it. I feel so much more optimistic and good about not only myself but where I am going, who I really am, What I am capable of, The love I am so capable of showing someone else, and what I can give to make this world just a better freaking place. I'm backing off the sentence enhancers. So you got freaking instead of the other.

I guess this is it. I am done writing for tonight. Sorry if it came to a screeching halt, but I am only doing this for me. You are welcome to take this journey with me and follow along.

Have a good night. Its the Foo Fighters and it finishes like this for tonight:

It’s times like these you learn to live again
It’s times like these you give and give again
It’s times like these you learn to love again
It’s times like these time and time again

Good Night. May all be well.