Friday, June 10, 2011

What have I done!?

Oh my poor blog. I forgot all about you. Don't worry though I am back, I am committed and I am here for you. Oh wait you are supposed to be here for me...isn't that how it works?? I wonder why no one informed me of my horrible delinquency in staying in tune to your, um my, needs.
I used the online thesaurus tonight, I looked up the word error (which is where I derived the use of delinquency in the previous sentence) and found that boner is a similarity for the word "error". I refuse to believe that. Really? Boner is an error? Great, now I have capitalized it too, so my intention of the use of the word has become very clear... Anyhow I have never experienced the situation where Boner and Error have defined themselves to be of similar meaning. Hmm, maybe that's enough boner talk. Looks its not capitalized now, all is good.

So work is going great, I really like it-- and its a perfect fit. It is just the right mix for me to have my work life and my personal life. But I am on personal life time right now so lets not talk too much about work...

I recently meet this incredible guy, I mean I have know him for a while, we have chatted, texted, and its been great, but lately I have had the opportunity to spend some time with him. What an amazing person, so outgoing, kind, friendly, nice, funny and !!wow!! hot as can be. It's just the bees knees to have his friendship. Not sure how far it will go, but it's pretty clear to myself that he is geniune, amazing, and there really isn't much I would not do for him. Haha I hope you are reading this too. You are the best thing to happen to me in a long time. The other day when we went to Target, then strolled around in the store looking mostly at music together, talking about what we like, don't like, concerts we have been to, concerts we want to go to, that's it for me, those are my good times. I am so happy to know you Jordan.

So, got the mail today. No not the email, the real mail, like the one where you walk halfway down the street and once you get in front of the neighborhood mailbox, by memory you stand in the same spot, extend your arm at the same height and length, inserting the key that you always forget which one it is, hoping you will open the right box on the first try. Yea that mail....

And I got to bitch. Really in this day and age I do not see the need or understand why I must continually recieve the blanket paper inserts for such stores as Walgreen's or Rite-Aid. What a waste of paper. Those that like these types of ads and use them are certainly capable of signing up at the store to be on the mailing list. If I want 3 can of planters peanuts for $10, I am going to buy them, pretty much regardless of the cost. Obviously because I need them for something... It's time we say enough to this crap in the mail. Ok over the top, but yea its not first one to the mailbox wins with ads anymore? or is it?

And Cheerios. OK, follow me on this one please, hang in there... they must be trying to take over the world. I'm completely serious. Cheerios. The cereal. Yes that. First there was regular Cheerios, well they didn't call them regular for 50+ years because they were the only ones. Its Cheerios. Then came the honey nut ones, alright I am cool with that, two kinds, its options to mix up the norm. Does anyone realize there are now 10 different kinds of cheerios (of which 5 I have identified that I like -and would eat on a continuing basis).

Lets discuss this, We have:

Frosted Cheerios (the sugar I sprinkled on top wasn't enough?)
Fruity Cheerios ( um no comment...but taste freaking great! and very colorful too BTW)
Chocolate Cheerios
Yogurt Burst Cheerios
Honey Nut Cheerios.
Banana and Nut Cheerios (yea I'm diggin this one too actually- must be the banana part).
Oat Cluster Crunch Cheerios. (Seriously say that 10 times fast...)
Multi-Grain Cheerios. (Because the regular ones weren't that healthy after all?)

and lastly,
Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.

Wow. That's a lot for something that you think there can just be one or two versions of. Stay tuned next week for in-depth coverage of Kellogs Frosted Mini Wheats! Oh gawd then there are Honey Bunches of Oats, just as bad as the offending Cheerios! Not only do they have like 10 flavors, but they go a step farther and remove the oats, and just call it "bunches" LOL. Take for example Honey Bunches of Oats Cinnamon, well there is also Honey "Just Bunches" of Cinnamon. Actually that works out really good for me however, I find I do not have to tilt the box as much and push the flakes out of the way to get to the bunches.

Haha I used to take raisin bran, pour it out, pick the raisins coated in sugar, separate them out to a big heap (never the two scoops I though they should be) and eat 'em. Properly discarding of the flakes. EW! Wait, are you judging... well You did it to :)

Well happy Friday. It's good to be back. I look forward to keeping this up and just go from here. Until next time Have a good night.