Thursday, September 22, 2011 Discover the Best of the Web Discover the Best of the Web

Been spending a lot of time on StumbleUpon lately. In the beginning I did not really jump into this after I came across it. The premise is really simple, so simple in fact it works way better than I thought it would. StumbleUpon exists for you to share your favorite websites with others.Well I share my web pages I like all the time. But I was thinking about it in a one dimensional way. How could I get better exposure to really interesting and informative websites that I might never ever come across. That where StumbleUpon come in. Start with a few interests that you have, "stumble" through web pages, when you find stuff you like, use the like button to "like" it. As your surfing history builds, you keep track of all that you liked to come back to later. In addition, you start to see you are stumbling with the same people.
What is really exciting is coming across a webpage, you like it, but its NEVER been stumbled. Thats where you now and the page into StumbleUpon, and you get the first view. Come back a few days later and see how many others have stumbles across since you "took ownership" of being the first person to stumble it.

I have one I added Sunday night. Its already been stumbled across by at least 400 people, because since my first like 399 more have seen it and liked it.

Check it out. Its good times. Its on the iPhone and Android platforms too.

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