Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday 2/11/12

So it is Saturday night. There are a few things I am currently concerned with, but I am hoping it will all work its self out. There is someone I care for deeply, beyond words, I guess maybe we are out of sync right now?? It's been a tough week, I almost ended up in the hospital because I pushed myself too hard. It was only a cough, but turns out it was more than that. Its all good now. Learned my lesson to rest when the doctor says rest lol. Good came out of it cause i am so done smoking. I mean a pack every 2-3 days, mostly when i am at work, it was always manageable. But gross haha. So enough of that. So my projects lately besides work? well learning Microsoft one note. I feel it has everything i need to keep me organized and on the go. and of course my account. Now that I am back to blogging I got to clean up my blog and get it the way I like. But tonight, well its early to bed. What can I say, sex is great, but sometimes** I put sleep right up there at the top. This is one of those times. Good night all. And to the one who means the most to me, I love you. Yesterday I loved you, today I love you and tomorrow I will love you. Always. and forever.