Friday, February 17, 2012

Tonight I brought the last few days of learning OneNote together.  I was able to integrate separate aspects of the program and tie them all together to get the big picture and the designed functionality goal of Microsoft's intentions with this program.  Woot. I really really like this program.  It like the like button from FB. Or as MS puts it, keep tabs on your life. Well what else went right today?  ALL of it right down to my hair. Yea, I rocked the hotness today.  If I was someone else s hair today I would of wanted to have sex with my hair lol.  Yea it was that hot.  Well what else for today??  The biggest thing is it is coming together for Jordan, Desiree and I to find a nice house and get settled in.I am so excited for the next few days as we pick something out, and the next few weeks as we move and get settled in.  This is a really awesome time in my life right now.

Today's music was a band I found out about yesterday through my last fm and the friends I have made on there. Its quiet possibly the best music I have heard in the last few years.  Yea Yea I have said this before, but I never lie.  I do not understand how this band got past me.  Its really good.  Right now I am listening to: love, love, love (love, love) and the band is As Tall as Lions . Lets just say that I think they have 4 or 5 albums?  And I am only into about the 5th or 6th song of theirs.  If I can get past my compulsive repeat listenings I might have already heard more of their music lol.

The blog- this thing where you are right now-nope I am not happy yet.  The layout, colors, theme- I am not there yet.  I got some time set aside already in the next few days to take it to the next step.  I am happy with the progress, fitting this in when I can, but I am going balls to the wall for layout, the ability to blog less, but more often, the ability to intergrate features related to the specific time of day when viewed, so much to learn.  So much to come.

One example- you all should know music is my life.  I have no abilities that are above anything we all have when it comes to singing, composing, or playing an instrument, but i do know and really believe that music, more than anything else, listening to it, knowing about , i am not going to explain many different things it gives me, but i do know its my battery.  Anyways- the ability on my blog to always have at the top of the page a dynamic link.  The ability to change my music post without actually adding another post- that's my first goal.  in other words one link always in the same spot but the ability to change what it is linked to.  BUT not by editing existing html, it will change whenever i decide to "post something" so no additional step of then going and editing and exiting post to update with a new url.  Well anyways as I was writing this out, my mind shifted to some new ideas on how to accomplish this and in the last few sentences its taken me about an hour to write because I was looking my ideas up lol.

Oh yea to the 9 out of 10 of you reading this sorry bout the TUMBLR.  Big time porn right now.  I like it but steer clear of it for right now if gay porn is not your thing.  TUMBLR is my picture blog and its not about porn but will have a little.  LOL the funny thing is that's where I started with it- on porn haha.

Anyways Goodnight.
Remember this one??  Yup crazy good :)  Enjoy.  Play it.  Goodnight... or is it good morning to you once you see this??

The Ghost Inside