Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Tuesday!  Today I picked up some amazing headphones.  I spent $100 on them, but this was no impulse purchase by any means. I did my usual research. Here is what I went with: Bose IE2 .  The picture above is my empty box, with the receipt in it.  The box is empty because right now I am listening to my ipod using these new headphones. 

I admit, I had buys remorse for a couple of hours after I picked them up from Best Buy earlier.  You see I went on my lunch hour at work and did not have my ipod with me today.  However for the last two hours after the gym, after the tanning, and now as I blog, listening to music on these headphones is absolutely amazing!  I bet these would sell even at $200 and have the same ratings.  Check out Amazon 500 reviews and almost 5 full stars.  It's that good lol.  Listening to music I have heard tons of times over and over from the standard apple ipod headphones to a pair of skullcandy I picked up at half price, to an expensive pair of Shure headphones George took with him when he moved away, these Bose ones are incredible.  The range of what you hear is perfect across the whole sound spectrum. I just finished listening to a few songs from Delphic.  I heard it in a way I haven't heard yet.  It was like new but obviously familiar.  Again amazing!!!

Another great feature about these little dudes is the StayHear® tips right above the speakers.  These little rubbery things keep the earbuds perfectly in place.  No need to give it that little extra push needed with most earbuds to make sure they stay in place.  The super rad part is these are not even in my ear canal at all. They are sitting just outside and held in place perfectly.  I ran for 15 mins at the gym tonight, did some of the weight machines for upper body and had no problem with having to re-position or adjust the earbuds. Because the fit is so good its almost like they aren't even there, except the cord, well when my eyes see the cord i am reminded I have headphones on.  There are different sizes of the StayHear® tips and 3 different sizes of original style tips.  Once size is figured out its easy to get replacements, cheap, and in just the size needed.

As far as noise canceling, they are not.  I didn't want that feature.  I would still like to hear my surroundings when the volume is at a moderately level.  These do that perfectly.  Just enough to not be the person that sits there jammin out to music when someone nearby is calling out your name haha. Of course turn anything up too loud ad there isn't much else around that will be heard lol.

All in all very very happy with this purchase.  Worth every penny.  Hells ya!!!!