Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting Back to it

So I am clearing off the dust and cobwebs on the blog. I Think I am back at a good point in my life where I can have some consistent time in my daily schedule to keep this thing up to date. Actually really I think its just the fact that its now Autumn and soon it will be winter. More time spent indoors means more time to sit down and get a good routine going. Believe it or not it takes some effort to be consistent. I do not want to just make a blog I want to have a blog. Something real, active, relevant, and of course read by others. The layout has been my biggest hang-up. I have this grand scheme in my head of how I want it to look, and there is no shortage of web apps and programs to provide me with the resources to make it the way I want. Then there is the commitment and follow through. I am excited though, I think this 2nd go around will yield what I am after with this.