Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Me and Technology

If you know me, even just a little bit, you know I'm all about apps and gadgets.

Android, Windows, Apple, I-tunes, Apple TV, iPad, iPod, desktop, laptop, social networks, music, music apps, music sharing. There is an app and a gadget for just about anything.

Tonight takes the cake though. I am on a geek high right now. Why? Xbox Smartglass is why.

It's an app that is now on my android phone, my Windows PC, and my Xbox.

With my Xbox on, my phone in my hand and a glass of wine nearby, I am streaming music off Xbox music, my TV displaying pictures and images related to the current music that is playing. And here is the part that's completely epic in all sense of the word. On my android phone, I am controlling the music played on the Xbox. Using the touch screen to search, add, and play music from an online library of
20 million songs. The screen on my phone even displays information about the current song. Everything from a bio on the band and its members to such things as similar artists, upcoming concerts, a variety of options and information all related to what is currently playing.

I want to search for something, change, pause, favorite a song, I'm doing it all off my phone.

Tonight is a 10.