Sunday, December 8, 2013

I am not dead!

Well I haven't really been on here the last two months I want to say. Maybe it's been longer. Haven't really been on here...????...No more like not on here at all. lol. I'd say I have been busy but isn't everybody busy.? And that's just an excuse. I need to own it and keep this thing going, because I really like blogging about what I am up to. Tuesday I test at work for some career progression. God, literally yes, I hope I pass. I have failed this test 4 times. It is gruelingly hard, no really, I am not just saying that. Proof? Ok well our career mapping people at my Work (Comcast) up at the Corporate level in Philadelphia, have gone over the course content and the test and re-worked just about all of it. I guess they pulled a bunch of questions from the pool of available questions that could be on the test and re-worded a bunch too. So we will see, its this upcoming Tuesday at 8am. I am feeling optimistic about it. Until then I will keep doing what I have been doing the past few weeks, studying every day for multiple hours :)