Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I really need to pretty much get back into my blog. I never really got it to where I wanted it. It just seemed to lack what I wanted to happen. I am sure it was me just not knowing how to tie it all together. I want something were I can go every day, tie my music i listened or am listening to at that moment. Through in some pictures and just fill it with my emotions of the day. What I did. What I am doing. What I am thinking about. What I feel. Am I the only one who just feels so much emotion everyday? Super highs and super lows. It reminds me I am alive. That I am capable of feeling so much and to such extremes, in a short time ( the course of a day). I am so moved by music. I can't get enough. Always listening to it. I can fit a perfect song at any moment of my day and the result is tremendous. Maybe I just need to do this. Post what I think, then sum it up.I will try it now lol...

To Sum it up-

Today I was busy at work. However its only going to get more crazy busy in the next 24 to 36 48 hours as Cali, Portland, and Seattle all have significant rain and wind storms headed into our areas. I was hoping to take some short notice time off at work, scoop up my camera and head to the Oregon Coast and capture some beach pictures of the waves and high winds. But work calls so another time. That's ok because I love what I do and how exciting to be so busy managing all of the outages right!?? Below are some pictures from last year when I took my camera to the coast during another wind and storm event. The camera was new at the time and I was still getting used to all of its settings but I did find this lone couple walking along the beach as the rain pounded down and the waves roared from the westerly winds. These are the shots I thought turned out the best.

I found some old music today. In particular Foals - Milk & Black Spiders. Youtube video below. What really powerful lyrics and dem chills and goosebumbs I get from listening to it, wow. Haha. Also I feel festive for the season. This Christmas its really more about the meaning to me. I have had a great year and I want to be more thankful and celebrate the meaning a little bit more with my family and friends. Lastly but probably at the top of the pics shwon below is a shot Dammit in front of the Christmas tree I took a few days ago. Love that lens I used. Bookah pics for the win :)