Thursday, April 28, 2011

I think so

Well today was a pretty cool day. Listened to some music from around the world. I found a station in Indiana that plays some good alternative music. I also picked up a nice bluetooth capable portable speaker unit which will allow me to listen to music wireless from the iPad and my phone. For dinner I cooked some chicken thighs in the skillet, adding some hot chinese oil and pepper flakes -browning it for just a few minutes. Then I turned it down to simmer, added a bottle of Ragu and cooked it up. Tossed in some pene pasta at the end and had a nice dinner. The weather is crappy and cold out, so this was a nice warm comfort meal.

I think George and I are going to get back together. I said I think. I guess thats all I want to mention about it now. So many things we would have to do different. I wonder how two people can be in love and take such high advantage of each other. If I was looking outside at another couple doing this I would see so clearly what is wrong and unhealthy. It's so much more difficult when I have to look towards my inner self when I am guilty of the same thing I mention here. I got some thinking to do I guess. But hey don't well all with some issue or another?

I leave you with a picture from our first trip to Vancouver BC. What a cute couple :)