Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh no!

This song is just awesome. I like how this video off YouTube turned out also. I almost think it should be the official video, with credit and compensation given to the creator.

Totally need to get off my meds. It's like a crutch(in the exact literal sense) eventually it healed, so walk again. Well I have been taking Effexor. Just about all of my family, I'm talking immediate family, extended family the whole nine yards have been around the block a few times with being "medicated". so let's look at the meds of Aaron jones. 30mg of adderal xr (actually this is the most effective med for me but one I use the least). 80 mg of Strattera. This med is some spendy shit. It's like $1400k a month. I only pay $20 of that lol. The difference that's covered by insurance, lol, that's why a finger bandage in the ER costs $35, and u don't even get designer style Spongebob bandages! Oh yea, Strattera... This is another ADHD med. Ok now let's get to the Effezor. 300 mg of this stuff, and u can't just stop taking it, supposedly... Well I've been out since thursday. Kaiser mail order...where TF is my Effexor lol?? U shipped it last Monday. Oh man. This one u just don't stop taking cold turkey, on my 3rd day without...I can only say that it's easier when u know why and you are having all sorts of craziness. Oh, then there is wellbutrin. 300mg a day. I will not talk about my anti anxiety Ok yes I will, I have scripts never filled, going back to last year for Valium and xanex. Each time I go to the dr's (yes plural) lol. They know I'm not filling those but I get another 30 days added just in case. Just in case I'm told. Luckily I have some sort of normalcy and I'm not selling this shit for like $10 a pill. lol, that's stupid anyways, can u say federal offense and major felony. I'm good with just speeding tickets on my record. And a way overdue library book in vancouver. But that was NOT my fault and no, I'm not paying the $15.50 to replace it lol. Cause I turned it in.

The really fucking scary part is the last 24 hrs or so, no more like 18 hours, have been crazy. I thought Effexor would help. So anyways...found 1 pill. I knew where it was cause I put it there after finding it. Guess I bought some time...cause the craziness is gone for now.