Saturday, November 19, 2011


So in this song, the first time I heard it I instantly connected it to a relationship- haha actually two relationships I have had. You know, partners, Man and wife. Boyfriend to Boyfriend. Girl to Boy. Whatever. Its just that amazing thing music does, you see if you can fit your life and history into it. If the fit is no good then its all up to the tune and how much you like it. Otherwise, if it fits then there is a connection that develops with you. Maybe I should just speak for me, I would like to say I am not not the only one that this happens to, but so far everything you have read in this post, well its me and how I am.
Sometimes the feelings it provides can bubble up and provide enough happiness or even sadness that an overwhelming need to cry happens. It can be happy tears or sad tears. Its water in the basement feelings or a rainbow over the trees. I drama everything. I gotta fix that. And I will. Haha will? No no no, more like i am! Right now. I feel more alive now then I ever have before. I hurt, I love, I forgive, I live. It all fits in there, doesn't it? I think so.