Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello Hello.  Today was awesome!  What did I do?? I went to work, then the gym, then tanning then now a late dinner and some time on the blog.

This last weekend, if you saw my Facebook you already know, I picked up the new Apple TV that came out on Friday.  Not much changed from the last one.  This was my first time with Apple TV.  Actually up until last Thursday I never really paid attention to it.  However that Thursday as I was taking my usual lunch break at work I was surfing the net on my phone in the break room and came across something about the new Apple TV coming out. This was Thursday, last week, and all I have heard from Apple for the past few weeks was the iPad3, blah blah blah.  (BTW LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPad2), and here was this article on the internet talking about Apple TV and how it was coming out tomorrow (at that time) on Friday 3/16.  Well for something coming out the very next day and from Apple why the heck am I just hearing about it now.  So doing what any normal geek would do I said" Well what is this Apple TV they Speaketh of and why do I not have one".

Haha lets just say this now.  For $99 is pretty freaking sweet!  I am having trouble getting my photos on my home network and having the Apple TV recognize and find my computer- but I am pretty sure its a Windows thing with my sharing and firewall configs.

I did get my iTunes to play on the Apple TV- wow wow wow.. Computer, iPad or iPod (with a chintzy speaker dock) was the only way to have my music play around the house. Now its in my living room, on my TV and the picture is awesome.  It shows pictures from that artist that is playing at the time.  I really like it.  So I put some chill jazz on and grabbed my kindle, stretched out on my futon and spent Saturday afternoon reading Hunger Games.

I am very pleased with this little gadget,  it does do more- but its just enough to not be too much.  The major change from 2nd gen apple TV to this new 3rd gen apple TV was 720p is now 1080P on the new one.  Of course its downscale-able if ur TV displays less than 1080p.

Off to use up some veggies and make a salad.   Ate Carl's JR last night, a lot of it actually.My cat Dammit helped too, with the onion rings.  I only let her have a little tiny tiny bit lol, she went crazy for them.  So yesterdays fat and great, well I am  gonna keep it lite tonight.  Have a nice night ;)

Isn't the weather a trip the last few days?  I