Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Man I NEED more of the music I posted above. So so so good.  Which reminds me I surpassed 17,000 scrobbles on my Last.fm today. Which is pretty damn cool, cause I do not scrobble unless I am actively listening to music.  I may just be nearby the music source sometimes, but each song scrobbled happened when I was listening to music.  I know for a fact some people just let their scrobbles run on their computer or whatever why they are away, but I don't.  Also each song in my last.fm library is a song I want there.  Maybe just a few are ones I do not like.  772, I think it is, are tagged as my favorite.  The tagging feature is pretty sweet too.  All of the songs I listened too all last year that represent 2011 to me are tagged as Music from 2011.  Doesn't mean it was new.  That tag is new music 2011 lol.  Then I have the usual tags; epic, albums i own, alternative, alt indie, etc etc.  My top tag for my most loved is "OMFG" lol..

Oh yea my newest venture into my music tagging is going back and making sure the city each band/artist is from is there... so Los Angeles will show music from AWOLNATION, Foster The People, Metric, etc.  Which BTW OMG going to see AWOLNATION in Eugene 2 Saturdays from now.  AWOL is in my top 5 bands. Aaron Bruno of AWOL is HOTHOTHOT too! That's his picture above.  I have invited a couple of friends that I hope can make it.  Maybe grab a hotel and stay down there over night.  Eugene isn't too far from here though.  Couple of hours drive.

Today was a really good day, finally had some good weather.  I was able to make it to the gym and tan after having a good day at work.  I take a test at work on Wednesday that I hope I past.  It is going to allow me to make a career advancement from Network Dispatcher II to Network Technician I.  Our job dynamics (with the recent new tools we use daily) has us dispatching outages less and less and spending the time analyzing plant problems.  By plant I mean the fiber/HFC network Comcast has in Oregon and SW Washington. I really enjoy telling the line technicians in the field to go to the C03 amp in the backyeard easement over on such and such street, versus informing them of an outage in a Node and leaving it up to them to take a look at plant maps, etc and figure out when the problem happened.
I took this test a few weeks ago and didn't pass, which was a let down because i studied and studied all of the learning I took for the advancement.  What helped though was receiving printed results of the test (not answer or anything just categories) and seeing how I fared in each category.  The last 3 weeks I have doubled down on the stuff I did not score so well in and continued to keep all the other material fresh in my mind.I really dig my career at Comcast and its a very very good Company.  Plus I like the free TV,high-speed internet and home phone ;-)  I got lots of channels to watch hehe.

Time to settle down for the night, shower from the gym and dive into my Kindle and finally start the Hunger Games.  I have had it for a year lol and still have not read it.

Until Next time- PO  (peace out)