Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday November 17th

Happy Saturday afternoon.  Today I worked, normally a day off, but I covered it for a co-worker who needed the time off. Last night was awesome.  I hung out with my close friends, which in all of my being busy, I just have had much time to do any social stuff.  I made a 7 layer bean dip that tasted awesome and  my friend Ian made some awesome Chili in the crockpot.  Him and my other friend Jordan just whipped it up it seemed like lol, and it tasted freaking fantastic.We all watched the new Spiderman movie on DVD, pretty darn good it was.  I also got to hang with Desiree and Frankie :)
7-Day Forecast for Latitude 45.45°N and Longitude 122.9°W (Elev. 351 ft)
Looks like the weather is going to turn bad (windy and wet) the next few days, especially Monday, see the link above to the National weather Service Forcecast and alerts for the area where I live.

On that note, my friend and co-worker Dennis, today he opened me up to new doors of information and knowledge.  He showed me some cool weather sites and a web page with tons of inforamtional reporting about all of the nautical buoys in the ocean around the world. Charts and graphs galore.  History snapshot, reports over time.  Current conditions out at sea - I was deeply stimulated as i love this kind of stuff. Needless to say I found and interesting area of topics to spend my time on as a hobby.  So check this out:  This is a graph from buoy  located miles off the Oregon Coastline due west from the area of Tillamook.  This graph is awesome! as you see the barometric pressure drop the wind increases and even gusts to fill in the area as it becomes lower in pressure.  I can sit and absorb this data four hours lol.

Tonight I have some Albertsons fried chicken I stopped to pick up on the way home from work..  i think I am going to break up one of the pieces to chunks or strips and add it to some Tomato Soup.  I always add my own additional spices to tomato soap.  Simple but a warm and comforting dinner.  Its going to be a great evening.

Have a great night all, until my next entry, may you be happy and well!