Thursday, December 13, 2012

I have recently really focused my spare time to browsing, or lets be more accurate, actively participating in photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. The photos that are shared are amazing, whatever moves you, whatever inspires you, whatever motivates you, there are thousands of photos to view and share and fuel that inner inspiration. I love it. Here is someone on Instagram that I ran across, and I have given many personal accolades to.  The pictures are amazing.;  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I used to be skeptical about that saying.  What did it really mean? Guess I grew up since then.  A thousand words flood to my mind in the very first seconds of viewing some of these photos.  Give attention to those photos on these sites that stir that feeling of all the above mentioned and a thousand words is such a small snapshot of the feelings inspired. I'd like to share these pictures below.

Tonights music was As Tall as Lions . I put that shit on loop and listened again as i have before to some amazing music. And BONUS if you are using the EXFM player on my blog, Its As Tall as Lions that's been Playing :) !

Source: via Aaron on Pinterest