Tuesday, January 15, 2013


A few weeks back while hanging out with Desiree she made an awesome meatloaf.  Just a few ingredients but full of flavor. Lately I have caught myself making it a lot.  So simple and it does not contain any egg, milk or bread.  It contains ground beef, finely chopped cauliflower, finely chopped zucchini, a tsp or so of cayenne pepper, onion powder and also garlic powder. No salt! :)  Then a bit of BBQ sauce. Lately I have been adding green peppers or mushrooms also.  Then using a muffin pan (yup a muffin pan!!!!) Fill each cup with a good sized ball of the meat mixture and bake at 375.  Man so good.  I make em into balls cause they lift out easier and allows the grease to not soak inside.  Anyways they are really good, simple and for the most part healthy.  I am increasing my daily veggie intake and reducing the glutton and dairy.

Have a great day!  Here is a picture of a retail area near my home.