Thursday, March 21, 2013

The future looks bright - as long as I stay smart***

It's not often I share information like this. However i am extremely proud of myself and I really gained a lot of confidence in my abilities to think ahead when it comes to finances. In January of 2011 the company I work for, Comcast, bought NBC. I know this helped get where I am today. Fast forward back to 2009 though. The stock was anywhere from $14-$17 a share.I bought and bought and bought back then, 2011 too. Today it trades around $40 a share. And I win. I really looked at the results today, all of it. What I have now, what I had many times in the past and what I have gained. Comcast is a $50 per share stock, I believe. Here on out I have to be careful, but so far what a win. My money invested has returned a +38% change over the last two years. I got to stay smart right now. Netflix and CBS might keep this from growing much more. Seems they have their shit together. (blah blah blah they suck lol). My closing statement: its now about what we have today when it comes to having entertainment, information and communication. It is vast and offered on so many platforms you really can't go wrong with anyone. But just wait. Everyone is doing the same thing right now, and the winners are the ones that are on more platforms and are cheaper. Just wait though, its about to get real. And Comcast will win ;)