Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blog stuff. Food and a real way to do it.

Feeding my family for $100 a month means coming up with some pretty creative ways to save money at the grocery store. There are a ton of little ways to save a buck at the grocery store that can add up to BIG savings. Even if you’re just looking to shave a little off of your monthly grocery budget, check out some of these cool money saving tips: Convenience costs. Convenience foods, on average, costs way more than foods you have to prepare yourself. Even whole food convenience costs extra. A package of pre-cut carrots will cost you a lot more pound for pound than carrots you take home to peel and cut yourself. The same applies for pre-cut fruit and pre-bagged salad. Make your own spice mixes. If you keep your spice cupboard stocked with the basics {check out ways to save by purchasing these in bulk}, you can make pretty much any spice mix and save tons. Shop top and bottom shelves. Grocery stores put all of there most expensive items at eye level. Next time you’re shopping, compare prices on the top and bottom with those on the middle shelves. Shop weekly and look for discounts and markdowns on expensive items such as meat. If you can menu plan on the fly, this can be a really great option. Stores will mark down perfectly good food in order to ensure they get rid of it in a timely manner. Shop alone. I know this is easier said than done, but if at all possible, leave the kiddos at home. It’s easier to stick to a list and avoid junk and flashy packaging when their cute little faces aren’t staring up at you. I’m sure you’ve heard this, but don’t shop when you’re hungry or tired. You’re more likely load up on dense carbohydrates you wouldn’t have if you had been well-rested and full. While it is awesome to score a deal on an in-store markdown, make sure to have a list too. It will keep you from throwing items in the cart “just in case” you were out at home, only to find you had plenty. Look at unit price {price per ounce, etc.}. Sometimes the “family size” isn’t a better bargain. Don’t be afraid of generic or store brands. Brand names come at a cost–someone has to pay the bill for advertising and packaging, and that someone is usually you. Shop produce in-season. Out of season produce is typically much more expensive. Plus, when you shop seasonally, each season change will bring the possibilities of new flavors. How about YOU, how do you save at the grocery store? What monthly budget do you aim for? ~Mavis All credits to to this blog and I am only re-posting.