Friday, February 24, 2012

Dammit had her birthday today. Oh wait lol, is it tomorrow? I don't think she cares. The last few days have been extreme lol.  Been here before right? I figured out a lot about myself. I'm letting it all hang out on this blog.  What I say can sometimes be so complicated, but it is whats happening  in my head.  When i get here I just type. Grammar sentence structure I am working on it. Thank god for spell check haha. I just posted a song but right now I'm listening to Phoenix. I listen to music all day all the time. Haha just jumped into some Chili Peppers.  I feel like I mention the same four artists  all the time. Its not like that. Now I am into some Two Door Cinema Club- Do I want it all. LOL yes how and why does it just fit. I couldn't of asked for a better song right now.  I want it all! song change hold on...OMG LOL - Low by Coldplay. I blog while i do other things. read email, Facebook. hell i do not even know if this is a blog. its like this Huge open Diary. But thats so OK with me. See its been MY own life to hold it in.  No more.  For who did i hold it in from? I dont know who you were but i just though thats what you wanted, who ever you were.  And yea u never existed, except in my head lol.  So guess what LOL OMG. Here comes Usher right now> I did NOT stage this haha. DJ got us fallin in love again.  Oh yes. maybe too extreme but I got some ground to make up. Its about NOW. Dance like its the last night of yur life. Yup I can do that :)

Today it was about two things- one was work and one was personal. For the work thing I am thankful for my team, my co-workers, Lets sum this up... I have a really great job for a really great Company. I am responsible for 200 things a day. I can only be complete on 100 of them.  Its such a relief to know that my co-workers have my back on the other half.  As hard as I work I cant do it all and i  appreciate those around me who own it. It is all bout getting it done.  And its nice to know that well potlucks rule and yea we all have something to do.  Own it. Thats why we are Number 1. We get it :)

Thanks tonight to all of my coworkers.  We are the reason Jerry Springer,, and the call to Grandma- both on the land line and cell phone work like all the time.

Today was good.