Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So I took my test for Network Tech I (one) today and for a 2nd time I failed.  I was crushed lol.  So much studying the last few weeks.  It was like a whole new test today.  Not like a re-take test lol, more like a whole new test of knowledge.  Yes there are categories that stayed consistent like job knowledge, outage management, operational excellent, ticket management, tools (grrr that's the one that owned me again haha) that had the same amount of questions in each category but this test today was all new subjects almost.  For tools I studied what I saw last time.

Well, and I shoulda really known this, there are other subjects in "tools" that i wasn't even asked about the first time. I know cause i was asked them today.  Soooooo yes I really did walk away discouraged, frustrated, and dumb when I clicked on "submit test for scoring".

Thankfully this let down didn't last long for me.  One because I have a great boss who made sure to remind me of all the other knowledge and qualities I bring to the team and the department, and secondly we are in the pioneer group of XOC's to venture into this new career ladder with new a new knowledge and training structure.  Lastly our learning and development team is going to look into the curriculum and see if it can be more specifically correlated to the vast training modules available.  This test comes from a pool of over 5000 questions and if you tank a question about a particular thing it doesn't let you off the hook, it asks you from the same topic again.  I mean kudos, thats good. No one should pass a test that gives a title promotion and monetary increase without having to reach for it.  And yes!  If your going to wear the title you should know your shit about the position you are in....

Soooo..... screw you test!  I will beat you next time.  Not only will I pass but I will score the highest score of anyone yet on this new career path.  Mr. Test I will own you!!!